Ice Fishing

Being a Canuck (Canadian) I have done my share of Ice Fishing! Ice fishing methods have changed drastically over the past 20 years. The name of the game is Mobility for today’s modern ice fishermen. The days of drilling one hole, waiting and hoping that a fish will swim by, are starting to fade. With light gear, battery operated sonar units, and fast and powered augers, a fisherman can conceivably drill and check hundreds of holes in a single day. When the fish stop biting where they are at, fishermen can move to the next hole, checking it with their sonar first to look for activity, and if there are no fish they will keep moving until fish are found

This Studio shot of a crystal fish,which I solidified in Blue Jello, added ice cubes, blow torched to smooth the ice, then..the shot!

A new article appeared on Digital Photography School about people ripping off images for profit. When I shot this dead on it looked very similar to the one mentioned…this one is from profile of course. Check out the interview here


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