The Peace Fountain

This is another look at St. John’s Cathedral in NYC.

On the grounds of the Cathedral, toward the south, are several buildings (including a Synod Hall and Cathedral School), and a  Biblical garden, as well as a large bronze work of public art by the Cathedral’s sculptor-in-residence,  Greg Wyatt, known as the Peace Fountain, which has been both strongly praised and strongly criticized.

Wyatt, who considers himself to be part of a “representational art underground” bases his work on the philosophy of “spiritual realism,” merging realistic images and abstract masses of form, space and energy.

In 1972, Wyatt was involved in an accident in his garage studio in  Yonkers, New York which he says “defined [his] career”, when he poured 150 pounds of melted bronze at 2100 degrees Fahrenheit (1148 degrees Celsius) into a home-made crucible intending to make a casting from the wax mold of the upper torso of a female model named Helaine. The resulting blast blew up the floor, sending molten bronze and pellets of Helaine flying and injuring the artist’s left arm. Wyatt has refused to sell the remains of Helaine, which he dubbed Volcanus.


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