The Turkey Inn

Bikers Welcome

Ramona California used to be The Turkey Capital of The World! Turkeys were everywhere…now it is Chickens. The Turkey Inn and Bar resides in Downtown Ramona. Rumours are that Folks would bring their Horses into the Bar…perhaps they ordered Wild Turkey?

Before it was permanently settled, the Ramona area was inhabited by Diueno semi-nomadic people, who established temporary settlements there as they moved between coastal and inland grounds. Their presence is indicated by archeological evidence such as rock paintings, etchings, and grinding stones used to grind acorns into meal for bread.

In 1775 Spanish soldiers came to the Ramona area and attacked a native village (“Pamo”) in retaliation for the destruction of a nearby mission. This is the first recorded interaction between indigenous groups and Europeans in the area.

The next recorded foray of Europeans into the area was a Catholic expeditionary mission (Father Sanchez and six Spanish soldiers), who stopped for a meal in the valley. Sanchez recorded that the valley appeared well-suited for raising Hay

The first recorded entry of a four-wheeled vehicle (a horse-drawn wagon) into the valley was in 1849, driven by US Army Lt. David Couts.The California Gold Rush that affected Julian California in 1870 led to creation of a stagecoach route between San Diego  and Julian, with a stop in the Ramona valley.

The first building constructed in present-day Ramona (1883) was the Amos Verlaque House (still standing, it houses the Guy Woodward Museum), built as a store and post office on a two-acre tract on the road to Julian.

The town was first called Nuevo, due to another town to the north that was called Ramona. However, the other town did not flourish, and when it was finally abandoned the present-day Ramona took that name.


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