The Cabrillo Formation

This was shot at Point Loma Tidepools in San Diego, California. No Tidepools due to the high tide, but some smokey wave action.  This was a 10 second exposure at f22 allowing the crashing waves to smooth out,  and the spray to turn into to cloudy goodness. This was accomplished using a Variable Neutral Density filter by Singh-Ray ( Essentially this filter is two polarizers stacked into one filter, as you twist one against the other, the amount of light transmission decreases allowing longer shutter speed. To try this at home, find two pairs of polarized sunglasses, put on one pair and rotate the other in front of you…as they cross polarize, the one in your hand will look very dark! Cool!

On this side of the peninsula there are sandstone cliffs along the ocean, called the Sunset Cliffs. Geologically these cliffs are known as the Point Loma Formation. They contain fossils, including dinosaur fossils, from the Late Cretaceous period, about 75 million years ago. The formation represents one of the few sites of dinosaur fossils in the state of California. Overlying the Point Loma Formation is another Late Cretaceous deposit called the Cabrillo Formation, which crops out in various areas of Point Loma.

The top of the peninsula is fairly flat, has an elevation of about 400 feet (120m), and is capped by much younger sandstone and conglomerate deposits from the Pleistocene era, 1 million years or less in age. These flat-lying beds lie directly on top of the gently dipping Point Loma and Cabrillo formations. The gap in the sedimentary record, called an Angular unconformity, represents about 70 million years of non-deposition and/or erosion.


One response

  1. Lawrence Luces

    Great shot, like the smoothness of the waves. Guam has many great sunsets with wave. I’ll try to take some pics.

    December 9, 2011 at 1:52 pm

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