Alaska from a Kayak

This was shot as we were kayaking in Alaska. The northern waters were calm, clear and cold. Along the coastline Eagles were soaring, weather was changing from brilliant sunlight to torrential showers. The coastline was littered with spectacular sea anemone. The air was clear, and it freed the spirit.

With its myriad islands, Alaska has nearly 34,000 miles of tidal shoreline. The Aleutian Islands chain extends west from the southern tip of the Alaska Peninsula. Many active volcanoes are found in the Aleutians and in coastal regions. Unimak Island, for example, is home to Mount Shishalbin, which is an occasionally smoldering volcano that rises to 10,000 feet  above the North Pacific. It is the perfect volcanic cone on Earth, even more symmetrical than Japan’s Mount Figi. The chain of volcanoes extends to Mount Spurr, west of Anchorage on the mainland. Geologists have identified Alaska as part of Wrangellia, a large region consisting of multiple states and Canadian provinces in the Pacific Northwest which is actively undergoing continental building.

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