Fly Like an Eagle

Steve Miller Rocks

We just love Custom Car Shows, there are just so many intricate details to each of the show pieces that just jump out at you when you begin to look. This chrome hood ornament, with its reflection on the hood, looked like a soaring Eagle. Of course, this harkens the song by The Steve Miller Band. I kept hearing it as I composed this shot!

Fly Like an Eagle is the ninth studio album by the Steve Miller Band. The album was released in May 1976. In 2003, the album was ranked number 450 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 500 greatest albums of all time! You may recall the spacey intro….

Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’, Into the future
I want to fly like an eagle, To the sea
Fly like an eagle, Let my spirit carry me
I want to fly like an eagle, Till I’m free
Oh, Lord, through the revolution

Brings me back to High School years,  when a killer Stereo shared his music for all the neighbors to appreciate (when the Folks were at The Cottage)

One response

  1. It does look remarkably like an eagle, and the colours here are great. I don’t remember that song though!

    September 13, 2011 at 2:14 pm

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