Only Lit After The Quarter Mile

During the blackout in Southern California, Tish, proud Owner of The Periwinkle Princess, brought at Good Guys Rod and Custom Magazine for us to look at. They had actually contacted the Editors of this magazine in advance of the show to introduce us. We had previously shot their 50’s pick up and we are guessing they liked th results – how flattering! The Good Guys Mag did not seek us out, but we did find it funny that several of their shots, including the cover (The V8) were strikingly similar to what we had posted months earlier!

This image of tail light details was a request from one of the owners. He saw us shooting and asked if we were covering the event for Good Guys somewhat ironic). We said no, but if he would point out details he loved about his car, we would be more than happy to do our best to bring out the beauty. He said he loved the tail lights! The amazing Bokeh is from a Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 lens!


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