The Baby Maple

The Lone Maple Leaf

Our search for the perfect Red Maple Leaf lead us to Killbear Provincial Park. Yes, as the name indicates there is a lot of bear activity and one always needs to be cautious. Even during a short hike, one should never have food inside your vehicle as bears will tear it up to get a snack! We left our Mother to rest in the car during our search and yes, the window was rolled down! I guess technically she could be considered a snack for a bear, but she is very feisty and would send any curious bear running!

Killbear Provincial Park is a park located on Georgian Bay in the Parry Sound District of Ontario. Activities in the park include camping, swimming, boating,  cycling and fishing. The park’s proximity to southern Ontario make it very popular, especially in peak season, and reservations are often necessary despite its large number of campsites.

Killbear combines sandy beaches with the granite and wind-swept pines of the  Canadian Shield. The park provides habitat for the threatened eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake, Ontario’s only venomous snake. There are many “Please Brake for Snakes” signs along the park’s roadways. I camped ther with my Dad befor a serious Canoe Camping Expedition further North – just an awesome place!


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