Fall Reflections

A continuation of the Series from Central Ontario highlighting Fall Colours. This one is from our original trip on the first day – Highway 13. We asked our Mom to be Navigator. She broke out a 20-year-old map, forgot her reading glasses and drove us to amazing locations, all of which where unplanned and NOT unwelcome! We had no agenda other than to spend time with her and if we got lucky, shoot some nice Fall colours!

We had no idea that Ontario had Cranberry Bogs and that Don Cherry had a Bar in Parry Sound! Of course, this is the home town of Bobby Orr, the defenseman from the Boston Bruins! He has a Hall of Fame Museum there wher we have shot a couple dozen pucks! Now a bit about Bobby!

Robert Gordon “Bobby” Orr, Canadian former professional Hockey player. Orr played in the  (NHL) for his entire career, the first ten seasons with the Boston Bruins, joining the Chicago Black Hawks for two more. Orr is widely acknowledged to be one of the greatest hockey players of all time. A defenseman, Orr used his speed and scoring and play-making abilities to revolutionize the position.

Bobby Orr displayed his hockey talents from an early age. Orr played his first organized hockey in 1953 at age five, in the “minor squirt” division, a year after getting his first skates and playing shinny Although he was tiny and somewhat frail, he soon was able to skate faster than anyone his own age, speed he demonstrated in races around the rink and in games. Until he was ten years old, Orr played on the wing, as a forward. His coach, former NHL player Bucko McDonald moved Orr to defence. Although Orr played defence, McDonald encouraged Orr to use his talents as a stickhandler, a natural skater and scorer to make offensive rushes. According to McDonald: “I used to tell Doug the kid was in his natural position when he played defence. You didn’t have to be genius to see that!


2 responses

  1. Some cool color and reflections. Calming image.

    October 11, 2011 at 8:42 am

  2. Oh, this is stunning!

    October 20, 2011 at 5:08 pm

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