What Lies Beneath

A Plumber's Nightmare

This is a revisit to the Pier at San Clemente, California, just south from LA. Our goal is to photograph every pier on the West Coast. Piers are fascinating as they all have unique construction, size, scope! Some have bars and restaurants, some nothing but a flag or a beacon.

This pier was rather ordinary, but once we got underneath, things became very interesting! The array of service plumbing and tagging brought this under the pier shot to life! It was really dark under the pier as one can imagine and the further we crawled the more our eyes adjusted and interesting details began to appear. It was a bit spooky, salty, damp and sandy, but what the heck. This was a three EV HDR, very slow shutter speed – luckily we could jam the tripod in the sand and use a remote shutter release.

We are certain that if we were to go back, this scene will have changed, tagging different or missing and probably something even more fascinating to shoot. If you don’t mind getting a bit dirty, piers are cool, but underneath you will find gems!



2 responses

  1. Wow…this is an awesome shot.

    October 14, 2011 at 8:45 pm

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