The First Studio Session

This was our first attempt at Studio Lighting about a year ago. We did not have our own gear at that point and were Rookies when it came to Lighting. Overall, I would say that this is not too bad. If you examine closely, the Model is being lit by two lights! The Main light is to the right and a fill light is to the left. This creates the shadows and dimensions to her face. You can tell where the lights are by looking at the eyes – these are called “Catch Lights” and are often used to Reverse Engineer how the lighting was created.

What is missing in this shot are three more lights. The first is the Hair Light which would be tucked behind the Model to highlight the hair from behind and out of Camera view. Two more directional strip lights could be used 45 degrees behind the model on both sides to bring out sharpness to her figure. There are several other tricks that we are still experimenting with, but for the very first attempt, I think this is pretty good!


One response

  1. I am wanting to start experimenting with lighting. I was going to get two umbrellas but I think now that I will get three to start playing. This is lovely.

    October 20, 2011 at 5:13 pm

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