Pro Model Studio Session

We have been taking courses recently regarding on site Off Camera Lighting, Portrait Lighting, Boudoir Lighting. They are all very specific and require much attention from the Photographer who must do hours of prep so that the Session is not a waste of time for the Client! There is nothing worse than a paid shooter to be fumbling around with cables, wireless gear, monitors, soft boxes and then saying…jeepers, my batteries are low! The clients want direction and execution. Most Folks feel uncomfortable in front of Photographers, and want to get IN and Out FAST. But they also expect Professional results.

So, about this shot. The lighting was from a large SoftBox from around 45 Degrees to the left of our Model, Jovis. You can tell by the Catch Light in her eyes. There was no Fill Light from the right because the Soft Box created a “Wrap Around” lighting and illuminated her other side wonderfully. Critique is that she has underarm cleavage. This could have been remedied with another less bright light. Also, Hair light is missing as well as two grated strip lights which could have been place 45 Degrees left and rich behind her, to accentuate her wonderful frame.

These images were our first attempts at Studio Lighting. They were proceeded by hours of study followed by and hours of experimentation in a rented Studio. Since then we have developed our Style, have our own gear…and are still learning!


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