Pro Model Studio Session

It is amazing how quickly an hour can fly by when you are shooting a Model, directing poses, changing outfits (the Model that is), adjusting lights, fine tuning exposure and trying to have fun at the same time. I think you get the picture (no pun intended by the way).

For the Photographer, for the first time, it is quite stressful. It has taken many sessions for us to get into a cadence regarding connecting lighting setups, model prep, model posing and direction. Kathleen is The Posing Queen, I take care of technical aspects. Our teamwork is essential to produce results which our Clients like. One thing we like to do is have a high-resolution monitor in the Studio. As we are shooting, we let the Client see what our vision is. All Clients have enjoyed “Seeing the Shot”.

We were instructed during our first practice session to always show the Models the shots, but a small LCD Display at the back of the camera does not compare to a 17 Inch High Def Display. We have not gone wireless with this, but we do have a 16ft HDMI Cable from the camera to the Monitor (I did some splicing and soldering).

Having the feedback to both the Photographer and Model helps to fine tune the  Session dynamically and makes an huge difference in Concept Quality and Client satisfaction.

Now about this shot. Again our first attempt at Studio Lighting. We rented time in a Pro Studio which has one of these wonderful curved walls that eliminate edges – you can park a car in there, but it was white and scuffed up. So we turned off all the lights and exposed just for Jovis, our Model. White turned to black and that problem was solved. Although a fine shot, I think the star of the shot is the earring and necklace. The earring gives multiple layers of light and reflection, the necklace of pearls contributes framing and wonderful Bokeh! You can see by the catch lights in Jovis’s eye that were had a large rectangular Soft Box at about 60 Degrees. We put a grate on it to direct the light. (Think of it as shooting light through 36  large straws)

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