Pa’ia Surf Dog

Will Smile for a Snack

As we were wandering around this wonderful beach, we spotted a Doggie patiently waiting for the Surfers to come home from their morning adventures. Although it wasn’t tremendously warm, this smarty sought shade under the truck to which he/she was secured. It was rather funny to see this Dog perk the ear after we took a test shot with the Nikon 70-200mm f2.8. Didn’t want to get too close and we were basically on the deck for this shot! Now a bit of History about this  location!

Pāʻia (pah-ee-ah) is a in Maui, on the northern coast of the island. The population is about 2,500. Pāʻia is home to several restaurants, art galleries, surf shops and is just a charming and awesome place to visit! One business, Charley’s, is frequented by Willie Nelson when he visits the island – perhaps he also likes to go “Herb Shopping” when he is in town? The eponymous “Fish Market” at Pāʻia’s main intersection is very well-known throughout the island for its Mexican  and Local Food.

Pāʻia is the last town on the Hana Highway and is located close to many internationally known windsurfing spots including Ho’okipa and Spreckelsville. It is therefore sometimes called ‘The World Capital of Windsurfing’. Check out some of the cool Windsurfing shots from this location on previous posts – you will not be disappointed!

Thanks for your kind visit to our humble PhotoBlog and come back again soon! Kathleen and Erik! If you have ANY questions or would like a Print just drop us an email at  ALOHA


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  1. love the framing and these type of shots.

    December 14, 2011 at 9:05 pm

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