Release The Beast

Release The Kraken

This is another shot on New Year’s Day from the mouth of Millenium Park in Chicago. The early morning and blustery winds kept most people away allowing us almost full reign of this shoot. Rather than focussing on the towering buildings, we decided to examine The mouth of this structure. It almost looks like some gigantic Cage Match, where some fearsome creature would emerge from behind the Dark Gate to challenge the awaiting Opponent, much to the delight of the feverish crowds! (Eating Deep Dish Pizza and Chicago-Style Hot Dogs) OK, a bit far-fetched, but a fun image.

The centerpiece of Millennium Park is the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, (Our Cage Match Arena) a bandshell designed by Frank Gehry. The pavilion has 4,000 fixed seats, plus additional lawn seating for 7,000; the stage is framed by curving plates of stainless steel, characteristic of Gehry. It was named after Jay Pritzker, whose family is known for owning Hyatt Hotels and was a major donor.  The pavilion is built partially atop the Harris Theater for Music and Dance, the park’s indoor performing arts venue, with which it shares a loading dock and backstage facilities.  Initially, the pavilion’s lawn seats were free for all concerts, but this changed when Tori Amos performed the first rock concert there on August 31, 2005.

The Pritzker Pavilion is the home of the Grant Park Symphony Orchestra and Chorus and the Grant Park Music Festival, the nation’s only remaining free, municipally supported, outdoor, classical music series.  The Pavilion hosts a wide range of other music series and annual performing arts events with Performers ranging from mainstream rock bands to classical musicians and opera singers. It is awesome!

Still think that a venomous Fire-breathing Dragon should emerge from the Dark Gate and take on all commets! 😉

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