Open Me If You Dare

This continues the Grunge Series from the Salton Sea Area – there are just too many wonderful places to explore, and this was our first foray to The Eastern Shore. This shot is from an abandoned cafe, seemed like the guy on the right, din not like what could come through the door on the left!

Other wonders await at Bombay Beach, such as ruins of yesteryear, bubbling mud pools, mud volcanos and other Photographer’s delights! The South Side of Salton Sea has been recently hit with many Earthquake Swarms, or love intensity quakes. This could be a precursor to something a bit more serious and this particular area lies right on the San Andreas Fault!

What a shame it would be to organize a Harley Davidson Photoshoot only to have the Earth open up and suck that beautiful bike into its bowels…Models who want to join, have no fear, we will have ropes around your waists to yank you out! 😉

The southern segment (known as the Mojave segment) begins near Bombay Beach, California. Box Canyon, near the Salton Sea, contains upturned strata resulting from that section of the fault.[2] The fault then runs along the southern base of the San Bernardino Mountains, crosses through the Cajon Pass and continues to run northwest along the northern base of the San Gabriel Mountains. These mountains are a result of movement along the San Andreas Fault and are commonly called the Transverse Range. In Palmdale, a portion of the fault is easily examined as a road cut for the Antelope Valley Freeway runs directly through it.

After crossing through Frazier Park, the fault begins to bend northward. This area is referred to as the “Big Bend” and is thought to be where the fault locks up in Southern California as the plates try to move past each other. This section of the fault has an earthquake-recurrence interval of roughly 140–160 years. Northwest of Frazier Park, the fault runs through the Carrizo Plain, a long, treeless plain within which much of the fault is plainly visible. The Elkhorn Scarp defines the fault trace along much of its length within the plain.

Research has shown that the Southern segment, which stretches from Parkfield in Monterey County, California all the way down to the Salton Sea, is capable of a Richter scale 8.1 earthquake. An earthquake of that size on the Southern segment (which, at its closest, is 40 miles away from Los Angeles) would kill thousands of people in Los Angeles, San Bernandino, Riverside, and other areas, and cause hundreds of billions of dollars in property and economic damage.

Thanks for the kind visit to our humble blog and drop us a note if you have any questions regarding bookings or special shoots!


7 responses

  1. Grreat shot, the grunge processing really works here and yes I would dare to enter.

    Fascinating info about the fault, it’s amazing to me in the UK as our ‘quakes’ would barely be worthy of the name when compared to what you guys call a love tremor.

    March 6, 2012 at 10:16 pm

  2. l love this, and I’m particularly intrigued by the graffiti on the right. Whose face is that?

    March 7, 2012 at 7:11 am

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