A Salton Sea Totem Pole

A continuation of our Salton Sea Series. This just caught our eye during the hard light at around 3 PM. It could be just a post in the sand, or you could look at it symbolically as a Modern Totem Pole and with a bit of stretch, a crazy smokestack (perhaps the fuel is dead Tilapia…recall previous posts).  We are well in advance of our plan to shoot a stunning Harley Davidson at this location for the owner of a San Diego company. We had the privilege to spend some time with him at Chicano Park in San Diego where he was kind enough to move his bike all over depending on this fickle Photographer. He so liked the shots so much,  that when we proposed Salton Sea (and backed it up with a scouting report with test shots) he was all in.

The project is now growing in scope! We are trying to line up some San Diego Models and Makeup Artists to join us at this location. The initial concept was to celebrate the Glory of the Salton Sea, “Playground for the Rich and Famous” of the 20’s and 30’s. Having stunning Models in a grunge scene looking wistfully around, like they were Ghosts from Yesteryear would be cool. As all Projects, they evolve in Concept right to the time you set up the first lights and hit the shutter! EXCITED!

This shot was a light test having hard backlight with a bit of front fill. The sun striations were deliberate. For a Model, we would do the same – it is natural High Key Light and wonderful. We have a VERY powerful portable Quantum Flash that does magic!

Thanks for the kind Visit to our humble Blog

Kathleen and Erik

PLS contact us  if you would like a TFP, Models and MUA Welcome!


2 responses

  1. Like this one. Is this by the little fenced off area that has the rocket on top by chance?

    March 9, 2012 at 9:34 am

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