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Rushing through Life

Rushing through life from one event to another, is not the answer to being productive and content. In fact, it would seem that the more we rush, the more mistakes we make, and our lives become more and more fragmented, even unmanageable.You would think with the amazing time-saving devices such as computers, on-line shopping, pick up areas for take out orders, we would have all this time on our hands. But as one minute frees up, we stuff two more minutes of activities in it.

For many, we are in a perpetual feeling of rushing through life – as if every event were just something we had to check off on our life ‘to do’ list. We didn’t remember it; we didn’t love it; but we checked it off and got it done. What a crazy way to go through life. Commit to ending the rush to get through life. Stop and sit a spell. Notice things around you. Get reconnected. Do fewer things, but do each a little better. Catch your breath. Life is not a race or an event to check off on your ‘to do’ list. Life is to be lived and you can’t do that running at breakneck speed.  As author Sherwin Nuland says in his book The Art of Aging, “ We use our 30’s, 40’s and 50’s to learn how to live successfully and well in our 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.” So, manage life now to not only have healthier years in the future, but to also be truly present today. Once this day is gone, we don’t get it back.

This is a shot of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge in New York taken from The DUMBO side looking towards Manhattan. We were “On-the-Deck” to take this shot and waited patiently for all of the bike and foot traffic to pass. Although to some, this might have seemed an eternity, it was rather fun and relaxing lying in the middle of this bridge as the world of commuters and tourists rushed by us. On a side note, we heard many colorful invectives from both tourists and locals alike (…like “You are a Ignorant Donkey” or something of equal meaning). Oh well. As photographers we often put ourselves in strange places, contort our bodies like pretzels, just to get the shot we were envisioning. Here, the effect of motion makes the image – you may notice that at the end of the dividing stripe, everything is clear and in focus, the rest just being a blur of movement. You may want to try this by securing your camera to a tripod, using a slow shutter speed and zooming out while the shutter is open!