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2005 Napa, California

Erik & I used to watch a show on TV called “Trading Spaces” and there was a designer that I was OBSESSED with!  His name was Doug Wilson, and no matter what he did to me it was the perfect design.  One of which I copied in our Master bedroom and to this date I really think my husband hates it!

Anyway, Doug designed a bedroom in a B&B in Napa and I seriously could not get there fast enough to sleep in this room.  It was at the Old World Inn, the room was fabulous, though very small and the other people that stayed there were quite entertaining as well.  We met one couple from Chicago that the guy was a Zin fanatic.  Every single day he went in search of the perfect Zin at the wineries and I thought he was nuts!  But, needless to say, this “White Wine” only girl ended up tasting a very nice Zin at Ledsen Winery and I was sold immediately.

We had purchased a used 500SL Mercedes a couple of months before the trip and we drove it all the way up the Coast from San Diego to Napa and back- top down, wind in our hair and never even thought about the fact that any wine we purchased would need to be packed in that small car along with our suitcases.  It was quite funny because the first day we were “shopping on an empty stomach” and purchased a total of 2 cases of wine combined from several vineyards and then of course you have the 2 free tasting glasses that go with each tasting- it was not until we had to pack our suitcases back in the car that we realized our issue- but we are a team and we made it work and on the way out of town when we stopped at our last winery- we were smart enough to ship home!!

I was on a mission to get the perfect “grape” shot- so I made it home with over 500 images of grape after grape after grape- these are my favorites.

Can’t Drive 55

Daddy The Speed Limit is 65!

This was shot at at Vintage Car Show in Lido, California.  A close examination of this curiuos kids back shows the original vehicle!

So, the title is a Tribute Van Halen and NASCAR!

The song has been a signature track for Hagar during and after his tenure with  Van Halen, and is commonly used on TV programs and commercials related to automotive racing. Most recently, the song was featured in a NAPA Auto Parts commercial,  where NASCAR drivers  Micheal Waltrip and older teammate Dale Jarret are asking Hagar to keep the noise down during a recording session; in response, Hagar asked Waltrip if he could drive faster. Waltrip’s car number at the time of the 2007 commercial was #55.

In 2001,  NBC Sports had Hagar record a “corrected” version, now known as “I Can’t Drive 65,” reflecting the common 65 MPH speed limit on freeways, for use during Bud Pole Award presentations on Winston Cup Series broadcasts on NBC and TNT. It was used from 2001 to 2003 during the broadcasts.