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A New Spin

We have embarked on a renewed and energized journey with our lives and personal philosophies – hopefully we can reflect this with our Photographic works. It seemed somewhat symbolic as we were looking at this wind farm,  just outside of Palm Springs, some of the turbines were static while others were spinning away harnessing the energy from the hot winds that were blowing from the west – the still machines representing the past, the dynamic ones, the now.                                     One should live out one’s imagination, after all, and not one’s past!

This image posed some true technical challenges. This first being able to get close, the second being the extremely hard light in the late afternoon shooting almost directly into the sun! We mounted our trusty Nikon D7000 on a sturdy Manfrotto tripod, equipped it with a Sigma 10-20mm wide angles and firmly planted it into a sand dune, a bit above a security fence. A Singh-Ray Variable Neutral Density filter allowed us to reduce with amount of light hitting the sensor enough to allow a 2 second exposure capturing the motion of the distant blades. These filters are great for any long shutter speed shots enabling smooth oceans, silky waterfalls and can even be used for portraits in demanding light conditions!

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Kathleen and Erik

“Swoosh” – Maui

Another day of the conference and one of the things that most love watching in Hawaii is how the waves “roll” over… they are quite beautiful, peaceful and you can honestly just sit & watch them all day long.  This shot was again taken in Maui by Erik,  and he used the trusty Nikon D7000 mounted on a sturdy Manfrotto Tripod. The silky texture of the in and outrush of the waves was achieved using a slow shutter speed. Although the light was quite harsh at the time, he screwed on a variable Neutral Density Filter to the lens which cut down on the available light to the sensor, allowing a slow shutter.   For me, I love the colors that are coming through –  just beautiful. Drop us a note if you would like to understand a bit more about neutral Density Filters and all the awesome things they allow your creative vision to attain.