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Last weekend Erik & I were exploring San Jacinto Mountain just outside of Palm Springs and Erik had some fun playing with the Macro lens… without a tripod….  it was tricky, but he did get a few interesting shots.  One is this up close and personal shot of tree bark- now, if I had not told you what it is- would you have known?


Hole in the Wall

When we were out and about on Sunday, Erik noticed this auto repair shop fairly close to the Windmill’s and the rather strange piece of “art” in the front yard- The owner has constructed a black widow spider out of a VW Bug- pretty cool, huh?  – It was really the worst time of the day to try to get the essence of this art- but he shot a few “fun” shots anyway.  As you can see- she is guarding the place pretty well- so beware if you decide to go check it out on your next trip through Palm Springs!