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Me and My Shadow

This was taken during a brisk afternoon just outside of The Pantheon in Rome. We have discovered that traveling to popular locations during off season has many advantages such as cheaper airfare, abundant accommodations and for a Photographer, fewer Tourists! Some locations are more suitable for this strategy than others – we wouldn’t recommend Greenland in the winter, but I do bet that it is cool (literally).

During the peak summer days, this fountain would not only have its share of the”regular” avian friends but throngs of people hanging out and enjoying the magnificence which is Rome! Here we set up a small inconspicuous tripod called a Gorilla Pod from Joby and shot three exposures to grab as much light as possible during this flat light day. As a bonus, we caught two frames of a pigeon and its shadow coming home after a long day at work!

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Image of the Day: Pantheon Fountain, Rome

Another must see of the Pantheon with its enormous vaulted ceiling. It is undergoing to major restoration on the outside, but the inside is just stunning – and pictures allowed. The fountain is in the Plaza just outside the Pantheon. It was covered with pigeons and tourists eating Lunch or just hanging out.

Three shot HDR, 10-20mm Sigma, Nikon D90,  Polarizing filter, no tripod, Photomatix in post.

Pigeon Rest Area