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Pa’ia Wind Surfing, Maui

This Series of shots were executed recently during a visit to the wonderful Island of Maui. On the return trip from the twisty road to Hana (another post on the way), we noticed Sailboard action in Pa’ai Bay. The next day we stationed ourselves in a prime location to catch the action.

The day started with Surfers, who were marshalled out of the water at 13:30 by three short blasts by the Life Guards. The Sail Boarders were prepping thier gear and waiting to go. Once the all clear was signalled, the fun began. The wind steadily picked up to close to 20 knots and the Sailboarders were all smiles!

Although it may seem that these folks are crashing, they were actually doing flips off the waves with incredible agility and skill. What a sight to see! We are registered Off Shore Sailors and can appreciate the Windward, Leeward skills of the pros.

We heard many nationalities – apparently many Europeans come to this location for the waves and the wind – how exciting! Das ist gut, Jah?

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Photo Tip: Nikon D7000, 70-200mm f2.8, 2x Doubler, Circular Polarizer, Manfroto Tripod, about 500 shutter speed, lots of water and sturdy saddles!