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For some reason after the memorial service we held for Melody, when walking past this area on the other side of the breaker wall, this just called to me.  Something about all of the calm water, the rocks going out to the ocean- the site of Diamond Head through the “Vog” and the catamaran just waiting for someone to set sail.  I still just really like the way this photo makes me feel- nothing all that special about it- other than the feeling it gives me.

Enjoy!  KK

Waikiki revisited

One of our friends is doing training in New Jersey right now and she posted a comment about how it finally made it to 60 today… and of course how it is not at all like her home in Hawaii- Tracy was the co-chair for a very important event in my life recently and the photo tonight was taken on the very last night of that event when the student (aka Kathleen) was trying out a few things that the teacher (aka Erik) tried to teach her.

Now first of all, the lesson included “you should always use the tripod on the sunset shots”….which the student failed to remember… but the shot, even though it is not the caliber of her husbands work.. is still pretty cool.  Hawaii is one of those magical places that calms the soul…  I for one am always sad when I have to leave.