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Image of the Day : Laguna Beach, CA

Sunset at Laguna Beach

Another spectacular sunset at Laguna Beach. Aperture stopped way down to get the nice starring of the setting sun as another wave tries to drag me to sea!

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Image of the Day : Laguna Beach, CA

Laguna Beach Sunset

After a fun wedding shoot, we stuck around to capture the setting sun at high tide. Laguna Beach is probably one of my favourite places to photograph and visit with tons of artist’s galleries and great places to eat. This image was a super long exposure – it was tricky to keep the waves from eroding the sand from underneath the tripod, and myself for that matter!  …..more sublime images at

Image of the Day : Fernandez Wedding Photos

Fernandez Wedding Photos at Laguna Beach were stunning!  We had never been to Laguna Beach to shoot and found several “jewels” in the images when reviewing them.  Some of the favorites are captured here.

And has the image says “Dream Came True”