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Staying Balanced

Work and Play

Like pieces of a puzzle, the many different aspects of your being come together to form the person that you are. You work and play, rest and expend energy, commune with your body and soul, exalt in joy, and feel sorrow. Balance is the state that you achieve when all of the aspects of your life and self are in harmony. Your life force flows in a state of equilibrium because nothing feels out of sync. While balance is necessary to have a satisfying, energetic, and joyful life, only you can determine what balance means to you.

Achieving balance requires that you assess what is important to you. The many demands of modern life can push us to make choices that can put us off-balance and have a detrimental effect on our habits, relationships, health, and career. In creating a balanced lifestyle, you must ascertain how much time and energy you are willing to devote to the different areas of your life. To do so, imagine that your life is a house made up of many rooms. Draw this house, give each part of your life its own room, and size each room according to the amount of importance you assign to that aspect of your life. You can include family, solitude, activities that benefit others, healthy eating, indulgences, exercise and working on self. You may discover that certain elements of your life take up an inordinate amount of time, energy, or effort and leave you with few resources to nurture the other aspects of your life.

A balanced lifestyle is simply a state of being in which one has time and energy for obligations and pleasures, as well as time to live well and in a gratifying way. With its many nuances, balance can be a difficult concept to integrate into your life. Living a balanced existence, however, can help you attain a greater sense of happiness, health, and fulfillment.

Shot at Oceanside, California, for a 2013 Calendar Project for a Corporate Insurance Client, what is interesting is not only the gorgeous sunset about the Fisherman in the background setting off to catch Dinner for his family.

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Oceanside Harbor

This is a postcard perfect shot of Oceanside Harbor in the early morning hours. We were on our way to take some shots of the surfers and this beautiful vista appeared. Oceanside is a coastal resort city located on California’s South Coast. Together with. Oceanside is located just south of Marine Corps Bas Camp Pendleton, the busiest military base in the United States.

Usually held the second weekend in September, Oceanside also holds an annual Oceanside Harbor Days festival with street vendors, food, and local artists displaying their wares. Oceanside is host to the world’s 2nd largest Beach Soccer festival, The Southern California Beach Soccer Championships has become an international event and it is usually held in the middle of May at the Oceanside Harbor Beach.

Getting Psyched

This also serves as a prelude  for some more Surfing Action shots from this renowned location!

The King of Missions

This is another shot from the inside of Mission San Luis Rey in Oceanside, California. The Padres were kind enough to allow photography and even tripods to be used which made shooting this so much easier. We’d like to thank them for their kindness and generosity.

The goals of the missions were, above all, to establish a Spanish presence in the Las Californias province and to become independently self-supportive (by their standards and perceived needs). Ranching and farming were the most important industry of the mission. To have the indigenous residents (The Luiseño) using foreign skills, training in agriculture for European crops, blacksmithing, and domestic animal husbandry was given. The Luiseños were relocated and conscripted to do the herding, farming, construction, hide tanning, leather work, weaving, cooking, and cleaning.(Pretty much everything the Spanish didn’t care to do). Everything consumed and utilized by the Spanish and Luiseño living at the mission was predominantly produced there by those native people under the control of Padres and soldiers. Imports, by sea and overland, from central New Spain (Mexico) added with some trade goods and the Crown’s modest supplemental funds.

Nightly Image: Cottage Row, Oceanside, CA

These quaint cottages line the boulevard that parallels the sweeping Oceanside Beach. This is a popular surfing location in San Diego County and hosts many competitions. The pier is cool and have taken many shots (underneath) to get the odd textures and colors.

Cottage for Two

Image of the Day: Oceanside Pier, CA

A lingering Marine Layer brought smokey skies to this noon time shot. We are setting a goal to photograph all the piers along South and Central California Coast…then beyond (before the Big One knocks ’em down!) More images at

Pier at Oceanside, CA

Image of the Day : Piers of California

How many recognize this pier?  We have a mission to go to every beach along the coast of California and document the beauty of the piers.  This one- Oceanside, CA.

Pier at Ocean Beach, CA