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Our “Birthgifts”

Truly wonderful, the mind of a Child is ….”Yoda”

The power to discover our true voice lies in the limitless potential that was given to us at birth. Here the seeds of greatness were sown. We were blessed with magnificent “Birthgifts”, such as talents, intelligences, opportunities, capacities, privileges that would remain largely unopened except through our own decisions. The potential within each of us is  tremendous, if not infinite – we really do not know what we truly are capable of.

All children are born geniuses – only a child sees things with perfect clarity, because it hasn’t developed all those filters which prevent us from seeing things we don’t expect to see. A baby may be the most frail and dependent creation in the universe, yet within a few short year, becomes the most powerful. The more we exercise our given talents, the more talents were are given and with that, our capacity just keeps growing.


Little Feet

This was taken over the weekend when he had the privilege to shoot a three generational Family on the beach in California, just north of San Diego. The Family arrived at around 5PM and we continued the shoot until close to 6:30PM. The sun set at 6PM, so this allowed us to use some off camera flash techniques to meter the wonderful colors of the sky, then light up the Family with some off camera flash.  It was very dynamic to say the least. We had to continuous adjust positions, lighting, exposure, poses, depending on what was in the background, how the sun was setting and where the clouds were lighting up! It was not stressful, but it challenged us to think out every single shot as it was composed.

We started the session using available light. Using a Nikon D7000 and 70-200mm f2.8, we could shoot at will, as long as we were not shooting into the bright setting sun. The Clients chose a secluded area and close to a stone Getty that provided some shade. This shot was from around 45 degrees South from the sun line and allowed us to composed the image of both proud parents cradling their toddler. The contrast between large and small is wonderful, and the feeling of love and security is what we tried to accomplish. My partner and Wife, Kathleen, is “The Mistress of Posing”! I am just a geek Photographer…seems to work!

The New Gerber Baby

Gerber Baby 2011

We had the wonderful opportunity to spend a weekend on Catalina Island with a great Family – they asked us to do an Environmental (location) shoot and what better place than at this charming spot off the coast of LA. We also had a chance to test the most amazing lens, a Nikkor 70-200mm f2.8. It allows one to be at discrete distances and when shooting wide open (f2.8) creates superb Bokeh (blurred backgrounds).  It Rocks!

Now about the Gerber Baby! Fremont Canning Company, owned and operated by Frank Daniel Gerber and his son Daniel Frank Gerber, were looking for a baby face for its new baby food campaign that was to start in the later part of 1928. To find a baby face they felt would most represent their new baby food product the Fremont Canning Company conducted a contest in the summer of 1928. Many drawings and paintings were submitted. Some were elaborate oil paintings of baby portraits while others were just simple sketches.

Dorothy Hope Smith of Westport, Connecticut, an artist specializing in children’s drawings, submitted an unfinished charcoal drawing that was closer to a simple sketch than a professional drawing. This five month old baby was drawn with tousled hair, bright blue eyes, and round pursed lips. In 1928, the “Gerber Baby” symbol was introduced to help identify the new product. It was first used in an advertisement placed in Good Housekeeping for baby food. Within sixty days “Gerber Strained Foods” using the “Gerber Baby” symbol had gained national recognition and it was distributed to various places throughout the United States. It became internationally recognized before long.

Could this be the New Gerber baby for the 21st Century? www.

Beach Fun

Just Having Fun

Another change of pace from dramatic Landscapes! This is from a Family Portrait shoot on location in Catalina, California. We had the opportunity to spend the entire afternoon on the beach with proud Parents, Grandparents and wonderfully energetic Toddlers. On this Sunday we were fortunate to be able to rent a private Cabanna, set up our gear and just take it all in at a comfortable pace for the session. We always like to bring “props” for the children to play with – this green shovel got its fair share of use!

Avalon’s relaxing beaches are conveniently located within walking distance from the city’s many hotels and restaurants. Easy additions to any day in Catalina, Avalon’s beaches are filled with soft sand, warm sun, and gentle surf. Descanso Beach is located on the far side of the Avalon Casino and is a picturesque two tiered, private beach with great swimming and lots of activities. Part of the Descanso Beach Club, the beach is a great place to snorkel, kayak or swim in the crystal clear water. It is also a popular location for Weddings!

Image of the Day- Family

Tonight we went to Sunset Cliffs to take some Family photos for a friend.  One of my favorite shots is one of the Mom, Dad & the toddler’s feet- I just love the contrast between all of them.  Check it out!

Angel face

Don’t you love it when the baby looks like an angel in print?