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For some reason after the memorial service we held for Melody, when walking past this area on the other side of the breaker wall, this just called to me.  Something about all of the calm water, the rocks going out to the ocean- the site of Diamond Head through the “Vog” and the catamaran just waiting for someone to set sail.  I still just really like the way this photo makes me feel- nothing all that special about it- other than the feeling it gives me.

Enjoy!  KK

Seaport Village III

I spent around three hours shooting this Restaraunt at Seaport Village in San Diego, carefully composing each shot, taking time to think about the composition, relocating, changing angles, lenses, filters and waiting for the light of the setting Sun.

What was really special was being able to spend the time just enjoying the atmosphere of this great location, the transition from day to night, doing what I love…and Not being harrassed by The No-Tripod Police! (Click image for sharper view)

Care for a Cocktail, Madame?

Seaport Village II

This is another look at Seaport Village, check out the previous one on the blog to see the difference.

Seaport Village is home to several bay-view restaurants: the Harbor House restaurant, Edgewater Grill, Buster’s, the Pier Cafe, Anthony’s Fish Grotto, and more as you walk along the bay.  There is also a cafe aboard the adjacent USS Midaway aircraft carrier museum.

Fresh Tires, Old Jeep

All I need now is a new body

Although no one really knows for certain, everyone has their favorite theory about how Willys Quad came to be called the Jeep vehicle. Some people say the Jeep name came from the slurring of the acronym G.P. for General Purpose vehicle, the designation the Army gave to the new vehicle.

Another explanation, according to Col. A.W. Herrington, is that the name was used in Oklahoma as early as 1934 to designate a truck equipped with special equipment for drilling oil wells.

 Others claim the vehicle was called a “Jeep,” in reference to the character “Eugene the Jeep” in the 1936 Popeye comic strip by E.C. Edgar. Eugene the Jeep was a small, impish looking animal that had the power to travel back and forth between dimensions and could solve all sorts of problems.

This one rests at The Bernardo Winery in San Diego, California after a long and productive life!

Extra Image of the Day: “Royal Star” San Francisco

After the cruise ship recent debacle in San Diego, I was reminded of the battered hull of The Royal Star in San Francisco. HDR exposes the beating these work horses endure!

Work Horse

Image of the Day: Fishermen, Redondo Beach, CA

At first I thought there was an antenna farm on the pier, but closer examination with a 200mm Nikkor, Fishermen! (Duh). Simple composition after the sun had set, liking the contrast with the pastel sky.

Fishing for Dinner

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Bonus Image of the Day: La Jolla Cove, San Diego, CA

La Jolla Cove is one of the coolest places in San Diego.  Good places to eat, Galleries, Sushi and the views of the Ocean! I spent 2 hours dodging the incoming High Tide to get this sunset…returned with soaked shoes and pants..well worth it!

Photographer About to Get Wet

Image of the Day: Oceanside Pier, CA

A lingering Marine Layer brought smokey skies to this noon time shot. We are setting a goal to photograph all the piers along South and Central California Coast…then beyond (before the Big One knocks ’em down!) More images at

Pier at Oceanside, CA

Image of the Day : Laguna Beach, CA

Sunset at Laguna Beach

Another spectacular sunset at Laguna Beach. Aperture stopped way down to get the nice starring of the setting sun as another wave tries to drag me to sea!

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Image of the Day : Pancake Rocks, New Zealand

This image was shot at Pancake Rock in New Zealand- this is a unique geological formation where the sedimentary rocks look like stacked pancakes.