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2005 Monterey, CA

Once we left the beauty of Napa, we headed down to Monterey, CA where we had booked 2 nights at the Centrella Inn- I made sure that we got a “cottage” because I wanted to have the full kitchen, living area- antique bed- you name it- I made sure it was done up nice…. BUT, one thing I did not count on was the newly married couple on the 2nd floor of our cottage using their antique squeaky bed at random hours of the day & night!!  Full occupancy, no way to get out of the cottage into another room.. it was like rabbits were on the floor above us.

But all in all it was a fabulous trip- we loved the view walking from Monterey to Pacific Grove and now since that time I have done the Big Sur Half Marathon 3 times with my girlfriends- each time we run past that cottage all I can think about are the rabbits and our no sleep nights!!

Please enjoy the shots- I must have shot that tree at least 75 times just trying to get the money shot.


Sea Candy

Not to be confused with Sea's Chocolate

This was shot at dusk during a heavy Marine Layer. I wanted to accentuate the myriad of textures and colors of the exposed kelp and sea creatures on the rocks as the tide was out but coming in strong. Timing was critical as one can see the huge waves on the horizon about to wash over this scene (and the photographer).

Asilomar Beach covers the western edge of Pacific Grove on the Monterey Penninsula. The southern portion is a broad white sand beach which leads away from Ocean View Boulevard into Pebble Beach property.

The northern portion of Asilomar Beach consists of rugged rock outcroppings with a few small beaches between them. Everything is connected by a network of pathways. The landscape has been restored with native vegetation after decades of being covered with South African iceplant. It’s a great place for walking and is probably the best place on the Peninsula to watch a sunset…and take a few photos.

Image of the Day: Tide Pool, Monterey, CA

I am fascinated by tidepools and love to shoot them with a long shutter speed, polarizing filter, wide angle lens and wet feet! The waves were quite strong, but the slow shutter helped to smooth out the water. I like all of the sea critters on the rocks waiting for their next submersion!

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What Planet is This?

Image of the Day:Monterey Canning Co, CA

Cannery Row is a charming place to visit, oozing with history. Top Cat Cigars is fun to drop into , the owner is a hoot! This striking image welcomes you to explore the treasures of this jewel of a location.

Historic District of Cannery Row

Image of the Day: Monterey, California

I was surprised to find this circle of kelp on the beach when shooting the west side of Monterey. A long exposure, steady tripod gave me a misty ocean with thick marine layer in the sky. I find this image ethereal.More images at

Image of the Day: Cannery Row, Monterey, CA

This is another awesome view from Cannery Row over looking Monterey Bay. Once again a thick marine layer added to the smokey atmosphere. This is a must visit location – very charming and ripe with history!

Cannery Row, Monterey, California

… apparently some famous guy even wrote a book about this place way back! 😉

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Image of the Day: Asilomar State Beach, CA

After exploring Cannery Row I drove to the west where I found Asilomar State Beach, a 1 mile long sandy beach with spectacular rocky coves and tide pools. While hoping for a spectacular sunset, I settled for a thick Marine Layer which allowed for some slow shutter speed shots before it just got too dark. More images at

Image of the Day – Cannery Row, Monterey, California

Often a very busy place finds a quiet view of the Bay at 5PM with the Marine Layer adding some smokey sky – beautfulCannery Row More images at