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Image of the Day: Coronado, San Diego


Just before a night shoot of the San Diego skyline, we caught this bench at Coronado. The brooding sky adds to the atmosphere…waiting for a Sailors return?

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Image of the Day: Monterey, California

I was surprised to find this circle of kelp on the beach when shooting the west side of Monterey. A long exposure, steady tripod gave me a misty ocean with thick marine layer in the sky. I find this image ethereal.More images at

Image of the Day: Oceanside Pier, CA

A lingering Marine Layer brought smokey skies to this noon time shot. We are setting a goal to photograph all the piers along South and Central California Coast…then beyond (before the Big One knocks ’em down!) More images at

Pier at Oceanside, CA

Image of the Day: Asilomar State Beach, CA

After exploring Cannery Row I drove to the west where I found Asilomar State Beach, a 1 mile long sandy beach with spectacular rocky coves and tide pools. While hoping for a spectacular sunset, I settled for a thick Marine Layer which allowed for some slow shutter speed shots before it just got too dark. More images at