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Finding a Vision



Vision is seeing the potential purpose hidden in the chaos of the moment, but which could bring to light new possibilities. In our current and probable future environments a certain amount of chaos is inevitable. Often emerging possibilities must be sought out and acted upon before all relevant information is known. Old predictable patterns must be relinquished as comfortable as they seem. For many, this is a terrifying prospect. Vision is seeing what life could be like while dealing with life as it is. Vision deals with those deeper human intangibles that alone give ultimate purpose to life and in the end, vision must always deal with life’s qualities and not with its quantities.

If we wish to be open to new possibilities we also need to be aware of the unexpected ways in which they can surface. Limiting the creative process to officially designated “brainstorm session” we may miss something that may have been there all along, something not visible catching the sun. We must be aware that spontaneous moments of possibility exist, the things that owe cannot touch but know instinctually that they are there.

Take a moment to think about your own experience, core values and what you truly care about in your life. What types of habits, people, things, situations do you gravitate towards and what do you avoid and move away from? Recall your past and identify times where you felt closest to inspiration and vision, and the times you were furthest from it. This should provide a few useful signposts.

In the words of a great German writer, Goethe, “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it! Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now”

It all starts with a vision…


Last weekend Erik & I were exploring San Jacinto Mountain just outside of Palm Springs and Erik had some fun playing with the Macro lens… without a tripod….  it was tricky, but he did get a few interesting shots.  One is this up close and personal shot of tree bark- now, if I had not told you what it is- would you have known?



For some reason after the memorial service we held for Melody, when walking past this area on the other side of the breaker wall, this just called to me.  Something about all of the calm water, the rocks going out to the ocean- the site of Diamond Head through the “Vog” and the catamaran just waiting for someone to set sail.  I still just really like the way this photo makes me feel- nothing all that special about it- other than the feeling it gives me.

Enjoy!  KK

Waikiki revisited

One of our friends is doing training in New Jersey right now and she posted a comment about how it finally made it to 60 today… and of course how it is not at all like her home in Hawaii- Tracy was the co-chair for a very important event in my life recently and the photo tonight was taken on the very last night of that event when the student (aka Kathleen) was trying out a few things that the teacher (aka Erik) tried to teach her.

Now first of all, the lesson included “you should always use the tripod on the sunset shots”….which the student failed to remember… but the shot, even though it is not the caliber of her husbands work.. is still pretty cool.  Hawaii is one of those magical places that calms the soul…  I for one am always sad when I have to leave.


Hole in the Wall

When we were out and about on Sunday, Erik noticed this auto repair shop fairly close to the Windmill’s and the rather strange piece of “art” in the front yard- The owner has constructed a black widow spider out of a VW Bug- pretty cool, huh?  – It was really the worst time of the day to try to get the essence of this art- but he shot a few “fun” shots anyway.  As you can see- she is guarding the place pretty well- so beware if you decide to go check it out on your next trip through Palm Springs!


Hawaii at it’s best

Continuing the Hawaii series, this morning I am reposting the sunset Erik captured on the beautiful island of Lana’i.  Hawaii is known for the beautiful sunsets and in our travels to the islands, it is rare that we have not been able to enjoy one of them.

This was executed using a Nikon D7000 with a Sigma 10-20mm wide angle lens. We did not lug a tripod with us, so Erik scrambled amongst the sharp volcanic rocks to find the best composition and then find a stable place to steady the camera. Often you can capture great landscape images without a tripod (best to use one if you can) by just steady the camera with two hands against any solid perch – like a rock, stump, ledge, post etc. Always remember to take a deep breath then squeeze that shutter release slowly – kinda like shooting a Sniper Rifle!

Please enjoy the colors and the beauty of all that god has to offer.

From the Islands

So this week I am away on business in Hawaii- so far each & every day has been so filled that I have not had a single moment to take the camera out of the bag and capture the beauty of this place.  I have had time to check out a few key spots for later in the week when the opportunity should be perfect- but in the meantime- I thought you all might like a replay of one of my favorite places in Maui.  Erik captured this shot while the waves were crashing all around him trying to keep from falling on the rocks everywhere.  For me, I was relaxing, listening to the waves- watching the sun slowly set after island hopping to Oahu and back for a pre-inspection for the conference we are at right now.

I want to extend out to the members of HAIP a simple word that wraps this entire week up so far- – “Po’okela!”  Which means, Excellence!