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Glass Menagerie

Raise a Glass

This was shot at the Welcome Reception of the National Association of Insurance Women regional conference in Sonoma, California. I was the event Photographer and captured the spirit of the conference from business meetings, group portraits and their celebrations.

I was drawn to this pyramid of wine glasses and used my 10-20mm lens to get up close. I like the Bokeh of the receding glasses – magical!

Wine Cellar, Sonoma, California

Wish this was in my House!

Castello di Amorosa (Castle of Love) is an amazing 121,000 square foot stone fortress, complete with guard towers, escape tunnels, a moat, a grand hall with colorful frescoes and massive 500 year old fireplace, family chapels, and a torture chamber furnished with a 15th century iron maiden.

 The tasting room is located beneath the castle in a two-acre barrel cellar room that features 14 foot high ceilings, 40 crossed vaulted bays in old, handmade brick, and a travertine bar. In all, there are 107 rooms on seven levels

“Windows Web Site” Prager Winery, CA

We had to stop by Prager Winery during a recent visit to Sonoma, California. Many years ago we tasted and purchased some outstanding Prager Port, which remains unopened – we were encouraged to sample it by the owners who rolled their eyes when they heard of our treasured cache. It has appreciated by close to 200% since purchase!

This window in the tasting room has not been cleaned in 25 years! Spiders love the St.Helena sun and the abundance of fruit flies and have spun this amazing web amongst the bottles. The entire tasting room is covered with dollar bills from the thirsty – it is really special.

The owners said they have the Original Website AND it is Windows based!

(Rumor has it that Mom had threatened to clean this out now for two weeks, renovate for better insulation properties, so this may soon be gone!)